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A-R-T – it’s a three-letter word and for the most part three-letter words are subject to interpretation just like WTF… Edgar Degas once said “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Fashion is Art. If you aren’t yet convinced, you just need to look at the works of Alexander McQueen, Valentino Garavani, Domenico Dolce, and Stefano Gabbana and the late Oscar de la Renta to realize that creative minds and skilled craftsmanship are involved in producing such designs and artistry. Furthermore, art in fashion has often been revealed through the works of iconic fashion photographers such as Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, Annie Liebowitz, Steven Miesel, Mario Testino, and Patrick Demarchelier in campaigns for glossy fashion and beauty magazines. The beauty of art is that no one person has a monopoly of it. In other words, you and I, or anyone else for that matter, are capable of producing art. It may not make it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Louvre in Paris, France or the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles, California. It is art nonetheless. So…what have you done lately?

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