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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Chinese philosopher and poet, Lao Tzu, espoused the doctrine of inaction. Now you may be thinking that the quote attributed to this philosopher contradicts the doctrine of inaction. The truth is that, Lao Tzu had a penchant for simplifying life as well as having a profound understanding of it. Much of this understanding is rooted in how nature or the natural order of things works. “Leave all things to take their natural course, and do not interfere.” We only need look at the natural world around us to understand this principle. Lao Tzu believed that we should align our actions with the universe instead of fighting those natural forces. Let me put it in architectural terms and use the example of building a house. Bedrooms function best when they are placed in the northern part of the structure as opposed to being in the western part where maximum radiated heat from the afternoon sun can cause discomfort. Gardens work best when they are placed in the southern part of the property because sunshine, which is beneficial to flowers and lush green vegetation, is maximized at that location. Likewise, you wouldn’t build your house in an area where landslides and strong winds are prevalent. That single step is often the hardest step in any journey. But in order to move forward and gain any sort of momentum, one needs to move but one step at a time. Would you go down the stairs by skipping several steps at a time?

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