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I love to travel…but who doesn’t? There are seven continents – can you name all of them? Hmmm…let’s see, if you have played the board game RISK you will be very familiar with all seven, namely -- Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica. When playing the game of RISK, most of you probably started off defending the continent of Australia simply because it was easy to do so. The other continents served as early battlegrounds for hostile takeovers from the opposing forces. Sadly, I have only been fortunate enough to travel and explore two (Asia and North America) of the seven continents. The beauty of travel is discovering other cultures. Each and every culture is unique as experienced through their art, music and fashion. Fashion is more often than not an expression of a society’s culture. In more traditional cultures, fashion continues to follow the norms and values of that society. In fact, fashion has been dominated by the costumes in each of those cultures and follows a strict code where adherence to the norm is valued and the freedom of individual expression is frowned upon.

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