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Happy New Year!

It’s all about connections and building the tribe. 2014 marked the year when we surpassed our goals for the year – that of reaching at least one million people. By year’s end we had exceeded that goal by over five hundred thousand. Those amazing numbers wouldn’t have been possible without you – our readers continued support and patronage. And we hope that we can, with your help, reach the three million mark by the end of 2015. Of course compared to the more established magazines and brands, 1.5M amounts to mere pennies. Nevertheless, reaching that many people in such a short span of time seems like an incredible journey. Every single issue we put out is important to us because that’s how we are able to connect with you and you with us. For 2015 we want to produce content that will have greater impact in our target audience – the models, photographers, and hair and make up artists. We want each issue to be a resource for these groups of people especially as it relates to pursuing these as career choices. It won’t be easy but we’re certainly up for the challenge and we know it will be worth it. At times we will stumble and fall and probably not hit the mark but that won’t stop us from trying to hit the target and we will hit our targets much like we did for 2014. Join us then in promoting these talented people who have a passion for the fashion industry. For this year, we will be looking for and featuring those connections that foster mutual growth and provide mutual benefit to all involved.

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