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It is often harder to win a chess match if you no longer have your queen and the opponent still has theirs. In fact, the other pieces (with the exception of the king) on the board can be easily sacrificed but not the queen. Sacrificing the queen is not something you take lightly or do often. Most players would much rather retreat and shore up their defenses than sacrifice their queen. . One of the most popular strategies in a chess game is to force what’s called a double check. A double check that results in the capture of the queen is considered a brilliant move because your opponent has no other choice but to move his/her king out of harm’s way resulting in the sacrifice and capture of the queen. Today’s modern woman wears many hats. Society and culture often tells her that she needs to kick butt and get her act together as if she doesn’t already know how. But just like the queen on any chessboard, she is the most powerful piece even if she doesn’t realize it. Her power and influence are often what determines the course and outcome of the game of chess. The challenge for today’s modern woman is to embrace her femininity, her vulnerability and her amazingness. In the game of chess, the pawn is replaceable and dispensable and is often the first few pieces on the board to be sacrificed. 8 pawns are no match and can never replace the queen.
The question then is -- are you a queen or are you a pawn?

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