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It takes a lot of creativity to mix and match old and new wardrobe items to reinvigorate your style. Oftentimes, a successful mixing and matching is an adventure that breaks long-established rules. The extent to which you mix and match is limited only by your creativity and your gutsiness to try things out of the norm as well as the interchangeability of your wardrobe pieces.
One word can describe mix and match style – eclectic. Eclectic is an appropriate term for what we have in this issue. From John Austin’s body-painted excursions with model Amanda Bartelme and body painter Audreana Camm to Sarah Benton’s forest interlude adventures with model Jessica Potuzak and Tiffany Nabors street fashion pairing with young model Tori Cadwallader as well as Casey and Gianna Reynolds creative combinations for their upcoming Perimeter fashion collection.
Fashion diversity and creativity are clearly in vogue in this issue. We also continue to feature fashion from Rent The Runway, a site devoted to bringing to the fashionable designs straight from fashion designer’s runway collections in a Netflix of fashion approach. Their unlimited program allows members to check out any three (3) items at a time to keep as long as they like. We liked the concept so much that we signed up for the unlimited program and have been enjoying its benefits for a quite a while. It took close to what seemed like an eternity to be approved for the program but once we got approved we immediately took advantage and you will see more of these items featured on a regular basis in this issue as well as upcoming issues. We’ve also signed up to be affiliates. What this means is that we’re able to offer some incentives for our readers that takes advantage of Rent The Runway’s fashionable offerings.

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