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Endless Summer

Algebra -- you may be wondering what math has to do in a swim issue. Well let me tell you a story...I distinctly remember our high school algebra teacher who happened to be a Jesuit priest who, while being very strict and played by the rulebook at all times, had a really good sense of humor. He walked into class one fine morning and began counting it down for us. "Bi-kini...mono-kini...ZERO-kini" I don't remember what prompted that little countdown or if he had too much wine to drink and steak to eat but he certainly broke the ice and brought the house down. And of course, of all the equations and math logic that we were supposed to learn and remember, this one anecdote is the one that sticks to mind. Geometry anyone? I think Pythagoras was on to something!

In this issue we feature 25 beautiful women in swimsuits wearing swimsuits designed by four designers photographed by 4 photographers and captured on video by 1 videographer in 7 exotic locations.

We may not be the likes of Sports Illustrated or Victoria Secret (yet) but we made sure to have fun with our models as we shot in our own "exotic" locations to highlight the luxurious and elegant lifestyle often associated with the swimsuit designer’s vision

Behind-the-scenes video

Video production by: Antelabel Media

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Find out in our next issue what TRAVEL and FASHION have in common. Can you guess?

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